Our Therapeutic Program

Our Progam is designed for children and adults with Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Equine therapy has been successful in helping people show improvement in: Assertiveness, emotional awareness, empathy, stress tolerance, flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills, independence, self-actualization, interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. Lessons emphasize horsemanship, riding skills and communication with the horse. We find that the “therapy” horses provide comes from an ability to communicate with the horse on and off the horse’s back.

Horses provide physical feedback, which naturally teaches the student to gain self-awareness, consciousness of the being he is interacting with, and skills to build that relationship into something positive, for both. That kind of intrinsic learning seems to generalize, a type of empowerment, which reaches into many other area of the student’s life.

Helmets and boots are available for use for students that do not have their own.

Instructors emphasize safety and are well trained to work with therapy students.

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The Story of Tristan

Susan Blake & the incredible gift of independence she and the Riding School have afforded Tristan. Tristan loves to go out on trail, or down the wash, or along the road! He loves the freedom. Susan showed me how she & her partner and friend of mine, Donika, roll Tristan into their camps, with other kids. They all include him and accommodate him. As does his school horse, Chief. Tristan has his own vision of balancing a cup. Tristan sometimes needs reminders not to preform unexpected acrobatics, or dismounts. Tristan has learned all the basic steps involved in his time with the horse and the steps expand to include learning more, as he’s ready. This has proven a fantastic opportunity for Tristan to grow…

Tristan’s Mom, Hope:

“I can’t believe what an excellent job you do with Tristan! You are so astute about how to guide him into more independence and you are so truly respectful of allowing this to be his experience and choice. You are empowering him and that is a rare gift for him to receive and not so easy to give as those, not directly involved, may think! Susan, since I really think you are as much a human development specialist, as you are a riding instructor. It is so cool how you make it about him and not all the rest of us. I love your strength and character! You teach more than horseback riding you teach life”.