Our Mission

silhouette_3bRolling Hills Riding Academy’s mission is to introduce people to the amazing world of horses. In educating you about these amazing animals, we hope to inspire respect, admiration and passion for the sport and recreation of horseback riding.

Rolling Hills Riding Academy is more than a business, it is a community. We began this business because horses have made a significant difference in our lives and we want to use our personal experiences to enhance the lives of others.  Rolling Hills Riding Academy offers horse camps, one day camps, clinics, and lessons for both the able bodied and special needs students.

Rolling Hills Riding Academy teaches important life lessons including showing respect and compassion for others, how to conquer goals, practice makes perfect and most importantly, building self-confidence. Our school caters to the young (3) all the way through the young at heart.  We strive to teach our students everything about horses in a very fun and safe way, while providing you with a quality equine education. Our professional instructors cover English and Western lessons designed for riders of all levels and all interests. Our lesson plans teach horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, horsey games, gymkhana events, trail, and even jumping! Whether you are looking to compete in shows, or just want to develop a hobby that gets you exercising more, we have a program for you.

Along with hands-on training and education about grooming, feeding, anatomy, and tacking up, you will ride for an entire hour and work on various skills for guiding and maneuvering your horse around the ring! Rolling Hills has five fabulous lesson horses that will carry you all the way through the program from the very beginner up to the show ring winner!

Rsilhouette_1bolling Hills Riding Academy also provides disabled individuals with therapeutic riding lessons, concentrating on ability rather than disability. We serve special needs clients of all ages and all disabilities. With the help of skilled horses, a team of certified therapeutic riding instructors and volunteers, students are taught the foundations of horseback riding.  Riders can experience increased balance, muscle control and strength while working in a positive atmosphere.

Rolling Hills Riding Academy is privileged to be in the business of making dreams come true for so many people.

“In riding a horse we borrow freedom.”

Helen Thomson

Our Story

In the fall of 2006 Donica Draper found out that the riding school she was currently working for was closing its doors and selling the business.  After 17 years of being a stay at home mom, Donica had finally found a niche outside of the home, where she could share her love and enthusiasm for horses with children other than her pony hungry daughters, but now it was all over.

silhouette_2bNeedless to say this news had her a little down.  Her husband decided that one of his pep talks was in order. He encouraged her to think outside the box and seek out other positions in the community that she could focus on and find happiness doing. Essentially he wanted her to apply to teach at other riding schools.

Donica thought about what her husband had told her, and decided his advice had some merit. Three days later she met her husband at the front door to let him know that she had purchased the riding school she had been working for.

Surely he did not mean for her to take on the financial responsibility of a riding school, but out of his pep talk Rolling Hills Riding academy was born!

What We Do

Beginner Lessons
Therapy Lessons

Horses lend us the wings we lack.