My daughter has a neurological condition in which portions of her brain are much smaller than average. Her balance, coordination, fine motor skills, speech, strength and emotional control are all affected. She started riding over 2 years ago. When she first started, she could barely carry the box of brushes from the tack room to her horse and now she carries her saddle. I remember watching her ride and being terrified she would fall off. Now, I am amazed watching her ride. She has such great posture, confidence and control while riding. Her instructor Donica pushes her to do more each lesson without overwhelming her. She is also learning how to take care of the horse and has recently started to help feed and clean stalls. I have seen tremendous amounts of growth from her that I attribute to horseback riding. Her mood can completely change once we arrive at the stables. During the week, she counts down how many days there are until her lesson. RHRA also offers week long camps during winter and summer breaks which my daughter and her older sister always ask to attend and always have a great time! We are grateful for Sue and Donica and look forward to every Saturday morning!