Time to Try Horse Camping

Taking your horse along for a camping trip opens up a whole new world of trail riding adventures. Horse-camping allows you to go farther and stay longer, and will help you develop a whole new relationship with your horse. You’ll be limited only by your personal time, the weather, and how much you can conveniently take with you.

But before you load up and head off for an overnight with your horse, you’ll need to invest some forethought into preparing and planning for your trip.

1. Do Your Homework
First, how much camping experience do you have? If you’re a veteran outdoors person, great. If you’re not, don’t let that discourage you. Just keep in mind that when you take a horse camping, it adds a whole new dimension to the outing.

To get a preview of what’s involved, it’s a good idea to attend an expo or seminar that offers horse-camping clinics or demonstrations. This will help you identify opportunities, decide what kind of outing most appeals to you, and what kind of skills and gear you’ll need. For example, there’s a world of difference, say, between setting up camp at a KOA site next to your truck and trailer, and an outing that requires you to ride into a wilderness area with everything you need for survival on the back of your horse.

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Author: Rolling Hills